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Remote Leadership During Accelerated and Uncertain Times
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We believe this is an important time to support managers in their leadership journey to ensure their team members feel supported, productive, innovative, developed and motivated during this time. This is a time to accelerate our focus, pivot our delivery and maximise the opportunities these challenges represent to our businesses, our resilience and even personal circumstances.

At EnHansen Performance we are prepared for new ways of working and leading and are offering a wide range of digital solutions for teams and individuals. During times of uncertainty, we don’t need to stop our work and life but form new habits and innovative ways of doing things.

Webinar 1: Remote Work Establishment
  • Support the creation of the right Physical and Psychologically safe environment.
  • Understand the brain on change, the threat/ reward state and how this will be fluctuating for many as they consider the personal, professional, social and financial impact of this change.
  • Develop and promote a growth mindset on remote working utilising the research on the many positives and reappraised opportunities associated with remote work
  • Improve your self-leadership strategies to establish your own disciplines and regulate you own emotions. Lead by example and use the benefits of positive emotion contagion and avoid the spread of negativity.
  • Establish the goals, expectations and communication protocols for the initial settling in phase. Consider the right performance analytics
Webinar 2: High Performance Remote Work
  • Establish remote working productivity and communication processes and technology to reduce barriers to performance, increase collaboration and measure results. Balance engagement and freedom
  • Share the vision and continue to inspire team members with their purpose. Use the social motivators to increase engagement and accelerate high performance outcomes
  • Utilise the change and performance curves to understand, validate and move people through the phases of change and shift them into a rhythm of high performance.
  • Ensure a coaching and outcome-oriented approach to empower team members to use their autonomy to deliver results.
2. Ask more about our digital solutions to support you or your team
  • Neuroscience-based webinar/interactive live
  • Manager to Leader
  • Resilience
  • Leading Through Change
  • Effective Partnering
  • Coaching Remotely
  • Coaching for High Performance
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • High Performance Teamwork
  • Executive Coaching
3. Resilient Leadership online/mobile app

An online programme/app consisting bite-sized learning to provide short in the moment training, embed concepts and daily reminders to integrate new ways of leading yourself and others.
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Digital version of Kristen Hansen's latest book
TRACTION. The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance.

“TRACTION” summarises the latest neuroscience research on how to transform managers into agile leaders of change and performance.
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